Veteran Hub is a project founded by the Olena Pinchuk Foundation, the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation, and the «Pobratymy» NGO. Learn more about the founders 


Veteran Hub is the place for ATO/JFO veterans' meet up. Here you are always welcome, no matter if you're wearing camo clothing or a civilian outfit. You can come to be with thy own. We offer free services that will be useful for adapting to civilian life from the first days after the war to the moment of settling.
Our service team consists of a lawyer, a job search consultant, and a case manager with psychological education, who will be there for you. We have developed our services for you based on the Journeys of Veterans research program. This is a map of experiences and needs that may arise along your way. 
When everything is new, and you need to find a way out - check in with the Journeys of Veterans map. You may find that whatever is happening to you is normal. Every step of the way, which might or might not be relatable to you, we have listed the kind of services you may need. 

Journeys of Veterans


The end of service

You finish your service: you fill out reports, count the hours left before getting on the train, say goodbye to your brothers, and go to your hometown. The next day, you are walking around the railway station in a new status. You are a veteran.
You rest after the service and get re-equated with civilian life. It is normal if after the first days and months after returning from the war, everything that was supposed to be familiar seems foreign and incomprehensible.
You haven't lived at home for a long time, and you get used to it again. Your body and mind need time to explore everything around you. The psychologist will support you during the changes.


Beginning of civilian life

You are all caught up in the endless bureaucratic hell, trying to get all your documents in order. City Council, conscription office, hospitals, and many more establishments to see and papers to sign. When you start a civilian life, you learn about the benefits.
If you want to find out where to bring your paperwork and how to get your benefits as a veteran, our lawyer will give you advice.


Taking care of yourself

You now have time to take care of your health. You are looking for a family doctor and a dentist or prosthetic reimbursement program. After all, your body cannot heal itself.
At the same time, you want to be by yourself and keep your distance from the people around you. How not to blame yourself for a need to be alone? Where to find a ticket to a sanatorium? Our case manager will give you a helping hand.


Reinventing yourself

You are setting up your routine: with sport or without it, thinking of returning to work or starting a new hobby. At this stage, you will try new things or finish the ones you started earlier. You are exploring new options. 
If you want to translate your military experience into the language that civilians understand, or to find a permanent job, a job search consultant will tell you about the possibilities. A case manager will be there to support you in your search.


Putting down roots

You already know your calling and understand how to achieve your goal. You have friends who you have gained in your civilian life. Your relationships are clear.
Even if some info in this section does not clearly reflect your state, during this stage you are planning your future. You want to take care of things, so they last. When you need an office, a place to negotiate or a meeting room, come to Veteran Hub. 

Since your journey is unique, you may experience these stages of adaptation in a different order. You might skip some stages or experience them simultaneously. Sometimes you might relive them until you work everything out.


Victor Pinchuk


"Those who have defended us and the whole country have already found their place in life: AHEAD. Their energy, courage, and patriotism amount to invaluable human capital. We believe that Veteran Hub will help veterans fulfill themselves in the Ukrainian context."

Victor Pinchuk's Foundation

Olena Pinchuk 


"We are starting a new format of service-providing to ATO veterans and their relatives. In this way, we want to show our gratitude and respect for the people who defended our peaceful life."

Olena Pinchuk's Foundation



In 2018, we created Veteran Hub, so that both veterans and people close to them could easily get over the war. This is our gratitude to those who defended and continue to defend Ukraine during the active phase of the Russian invasion.

NGO Pobratymy

Free services



Case managers will hear you out and advise who to turn to, will be there during your transition to civilian life.


Legal Consultant

We are constantly monitoring changes in legislation and will explain how to obtain land, get your payments and benefits.



Psychologists that work with veterans and their family members. 


Job Search

We will help to describe your military experience for your CV and give tips on how to look for a job. If you have vacancies for veterans, we will be happy to broadcast them on our channels.


Mobile Service Office

Our Mobile Service takes our services to veterans in the Kyiv region who do not have any opportunity to visit our hub. You can call us, and our brigade will bring you a job search consultant, a lawyer, and a psychologist. 

You are always welcome here 

Our doors are open to ATO/JFO veterans who fought in the Armed Forces, the National Guard or any volunteer units, military medical staff, and their relatives. We also work with the relatives of veterans who were killed or war-prisoners.
A team of specialists will work with you every day: a lawyer, a psychologist, and a job search consultant. We take care of you, because thanks to you, we have a home, independence, and security.


Veteran Hub Kyiv

This is our headquarters office of the network. Here we have our biggest events, record lectures, and determine plans for the future. Come to work, study, rest, and be among your own, as well as for our consultants' advice.

    Kyiv, 42 Yuriia Illienka St., Olivets Telecenter (floor 20) 
    Work hours: Mon – Fri from 11:00 to 20:00, Sat from 11:00 to 18:00

Mobile Service Office

The team brings services to those who need them all over Kyiv region and places right outside the geographical boundaries of Kyiv. But most importantly, you can get human contact and talk to our team at home.

Veteran Hub Vinnytsia 

The hub is located in a private house. Stable and fast internet works in coworking, lounges, and lecture halls. As a veteran, you can use coworking and office supplies for free, as well as receive the necessary expert advice. There is parking, coffee, and a private backyard.

    Vinnytsia, 8-go bereznia 29 St.
    Work hours: Mon – Fri from 11:00 to 20:00, Sat from 11:00 to 18:00

Veteran Hub Dnipro

We have set up a veterans' meeting point in the heart of the city. Veteran Hub is located in the new business center. There is fast internet, coffee, and a wonderful view of the Dnipro river. The whole space is created for comfortable moving on a wheelchair. 

    Dnipro, Mechnykova 19, business center Civilization, 17 floor
    Work Hours: Mon – Fri from 11:00 to 20:00, Sat from 11:00 to 18:00