Job Openings

Communications Specialist

DutiesExternal communications:– Implement communications strategy;– Develop projects and communications campaigns, implement them and monitor results;– Participate in new partner outreach;– Be prepared and have skills required to lead and oversee projects independently;– Communicate with mass media, build partnerships;– Develop and implement special projects;– Create press releases; – Work with journalists and camera crews; – Write posts for mass media blogs;– Create e-mail lists for Ukrainian and international partners; – Participate actively in conferences, presentations and events;– Hold presentation events. 
Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram):– Create content plan in cooperation with Communications Manager;– Upload content to brand pages;– Advise personnel and management on brand promotion using personal accounts, and coordinate the process; – Draft posts for management. 
Internal communications:– Coordinate residents’ communication activities in joint projects;– Provide communications assistance to residents (consulting, presenting);– Create reports (computer presentations).
Work scheduleMON – FRI 10:00 – 19:00 (our space works 7 days a week 10:00 – 21:00)Full-time job
Languages requiredFluency in written and spoken Ukrainian and English
Please send portfolios featuring your cool projects to: au.moc.buhnaretev%40ofni