We respect the framework that we’ve chosen to work within, this is why maintaining partner organization identity is our key value. In order to ensure efficient cooperation at Veteran Hub and implement joint projects, we respect other organizations’ limitations, cooperate within the competencies available, and put client needs before any ambitions of organizations or individuals.

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The Legal Hundred

For Veteran Hub clients, the organization provides legal support, information on rights and guarantees ensured by law, local programs, and legal document consulting.

The Legal Hundred Aid Hotline is available at: 0 800 308 100

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League of Mediators of Ukraine

The League uses mediation as an alternative instrument to resolve conflicts and promote quality change in interpersonal relations. 
Our experts work with family disputes, conflicts in the divorce process, marital disputes, conflicts between parents and children and between relatives.

The organization also deals with custody and parental rights annulment issues, and conflicts in adopting families between the adopted children and other family members.

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Hero’s Companion

Hero’s Companion is the first Ukrainian project focusing on training service dogs and canis therapy (recovering through the strong connection between the person and the dog).

Therapy dogs work at Veteran Hub as fully recognized project participants! They help veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other types of post-combat trauma.

Many «Hero’s Friend» therapy dogs have been adopted from shelters, and some of them come from Eastern Ukraine regions and have suffered from war. Therefore, both dogs and veterans are helping each other recover after war.  

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Vilnyy Vybir

Vilnyy Vybir was founded in 2015 by two volunteers-psychologists who wanted to provide psychological help to ATO veterans, their families, and IDPs.

Since then, the organization has implemented a number of successful projects. At Veteran Hub, they provide individual psychological consulting.

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The Pobratymy NGO focuses on veteran social adaptation on their way back to civilian life. The main effort is peer-to-peer group training and support groups now held at Veteran Hub.

Since 2015, Pobratymy have been holding regular educational therapeutic training on overcoming shock and trauma, and on PTSD prevention using the Bodynamic system and peer-to-peer approach.

Peer-to-peer approach is the process of veterans working with veterans, an opportunity for sharing experiences and overcoming various issues together. This tool enables working with one’s own life experience on the way back to peace.

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Blue Bird

The organization specializes in legal services, helps apply for a missing/MIA status and POW status, provides individual psychosocial consulting for former POWs and their families.
Blue Bird can start working a case right after a person has been kidnapped or at any other stage of the case processing: from officially reporting a kidnapping to comprehensive efforts after release from captivity.

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The organization’s goal is improving the quality of life for combat veterans and their families by:
– providing full support in the process of receiving a combat - veteran status for volunteers and respective status for their family members;
– ensuring various social support for veterans and their families;
– implementing future-oriented and development-oriented social projects for veterans and their families.

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Veterano Group

The Veterano Group holding includes the following companies:
– Veterano Pizza
– Veterano Resto
– Veterano Coffee
– Veterano Brownie
– Veterano Guard
– Veterano Cab

All company owners are ATO veterans. Founder – Leonid Ostaltsev.

At Veteran Hub, the Veterano Group residents advise on how to start a business of your own, and walk you through the cycle of planning your project.

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Active rehabilitation group

Nation-wide NGO founded to inspire and strengthen people with spinal cord trauma and similar illnesses by promoting their independent, active and full lifestyle using active rehab means.

We are an important link between medical institutions and daily life in a society. We teach people how to deal with the daily challenges after spinal cord trauma.

We help select assisting medical products, instruct on their proper use, teach wheelchair escorting and assistance, and provide complication prevention guidance after spinal cord trauma.

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The Union of relatives of political prisoners of the Kremlin

We are a non-political civic movement of political prisoners’ families fighting for their release in Ukraine and abroad. Awaiting their release, we are demanding the exercising of their rights and freedoms. After they are set free, they will also require rehabilitation and socialization.

Among other tasks, we cooperate with the Ukrainian authorities, international partners and NGOs to release the Ukrainian political prisoners. 

The Association organizes public and private events to support the prisoners; and consolidates common efforts on initiating actions and activities to defend the prisoners’ rights.